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5 Fantastic Custom Semi-Trailer Features

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When you're on the road most of the year as a commercial OTR truck driver, your truck is your home away from home. It needs to be capable but also comfortable and compact to do the job efficiently and to make sure you--the driver--can stay happy on the job. If you're thinking of ordering a custom semi-truck or customizing your existing rig, here are five great options you should consider.  

Aerodynamic Kits

When it comes to trucking, efficiency is everything. The less money you spend on fuel, the better for you and your client or employer. When customizing your truck, you should splurge on aerodynamic kits that include pieces like cab extenders, side skirts, wheel covers, hood-to-bumper filler pieces, and trailer tails. That's because every 2% reduction in aerodynamic drag will improve fuel economy by 1%. That kind of fuel efficiency adds up quickly.  

Advanced Lighting Systems

Driving a truck is a dangerous job. Other drivers on the road often forget that semi-trucks have massive momentum and can't brake on a whim or swerve as easily as they can. The danger only increases when the sun goes down. The more visible you can make your truck and trailer, the better for everyone on the road including you, the driver. Investing in customized advanced lighting systems can make a big difference in avoiding unnecessary accidents. There are hundreds of fantastic custom LED options that don't draw a lot of power and still look fantastic. Drivers that often work in frigid winter areas should really consider opting for heated headlight lenses that will melt away caked ice and snow so you never have to stop and clear the lights.  

Moose Bumpers

If you're an OTR driver that works in remote areas with a lot of wildlife, you should consider adding a custom moose bumper to your rig. Moose bumpers can be a literal lifesaver if you hit a large animal by keeping you safe and a metaphorical lifesaver when the insurance adjuster arrives. One accident with a big animal can result in an adjuster determining your truck, your livelihood, is totaled and essentially worthless. However, moose bumpers add weight so consider whether the increased weight and the added cost are worth it for your particular driving needs.  

Double-Burner Electric Stovetop

One of the biggest challenges as an OTR truck driver is staying healthy on the road. While it's easy and convenient to grab a hot dog at the gas station, a life of gas station food will take a major toll on your body. Because your body is your source of income, your health should be a top concern. The best way to stay healthy is to cook your own meals. Studies show that meals eaten out on the road contain higher levels of sodium, fat, and overall calories than meals you cook yourself. With that in mind, consider customizing a corner of your sleeper rig with a built-in electric double-burner stove to allow you to cook your own healthier meals on the road. An electric unit removes any risk of dangerous gas fumes building up in the sleeper.  

Custom Storage 

Compacting is key when you're on the road most of the year so adding a lot of little custom storage options is essential. The more cubbies, cupboards, and cup holders you can add will help you keep your rig organized. And maybe even more importantly, make sure your custom storage options have doors you can secure to help keep your items in place so that nothing is sliding around your workspace causing injury or distraction while you're doing your job.

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