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7 Valuable Modifications A Custom Van Builder Can Do

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If you're thinking about getting a camper van, you may already have some ideas about how you want it to look and function. After all, camper vans are the ultimate customization projects — this custom vehicle will be uniquely yours, from the shape of the exterior to the way the cabin works. But when it comes to getting creative with your van, it's important to involve a custom van builder to do it right and avoid compromising safety. Here are several mods a custom van builder can implement:

1. Add a Pull-Out Kitchen in the Rear 

Pull-out kitchen kits are a common conversion van modification. A conversion van builder can add a stripped-down version of a full-featured kitchen, allowing you to cook your favorite meals outdoors. There are compact kits that will easily fit the back of your van and leave room for more features.

2. Add a Smart Charging Station 

This is probably one of our most valuable camper van modifications because it keeps all your crucial devices charged on those long trips when you need to run all our appliances—including air conditioning! A custom van builder can add a USB charging station and even a laptop bay. 

3. Install an External Shower 

Maintaining hygiene is important for health concerns and keeping your van smelling fresh on the road. The advantage of installing an external shower is that you don't have to worry about water flooding your van. 

4. Install a Countertop Freezer

One big problem on the road is keeping food fresh and drinks cold and delicious. A countertop freezer takes up little space in your van but can store a surprising amount of stuff. You can enjoy full meals with fresh vegetables on the road. 

5. Add Battery Power Boosters

A camper van needs more power than your typical van because you need to run additional appliances and gadgets like the fridge and water heater. Consider adding some battery power boosters to keep everything running smoothly. 

6. Add Dual Seating/Storage Space 

Space is at a premium in a camper van, and this is the main reason you need dual-purpose features. You can use storage units with surfaces that double up as seating space. 

7. Decorate  With Custom Graffiti

Make your van stand out with custom graffiti. This is a great way to show off your personality and advertise what you do or are passionate about. Most camper van builder shops have bodywork artists who can do outstanding paintwork.

Enjoying life on the road is much better with a functional and comfortable camper van. Visit a custom van builder to explore options to get your dream camper van.