Getting A Great Deal On A New Car

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5 Strategies That Will Make Onboard Meal Preparation Much Easier On Your New Yacht

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If you’re new to owning a private yacht, you’re probably looking forward to your upcoming purchasing with a great deal of anticipation and excitement. After all, setting out on your own yacht will free you from the hassle of conformation to the scheduling restraints of cruises and other pleasurable activities. Even if your knowledge of yachting is limited, you are probably already aware of some of the basics of stocking a yacht to ensure a safe and comfortable boating experience, such as having an ample amount of life jackets designed to fit all shapes and sizes, a supply of over-the-counter seasickness medication in the event that the waters turn rough, and plenty of thick towels. Read More»

College Road Trip: Used Car Features Ideal For Freshmen Commuters

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Entering the first year of college comes with a lot of transitions and changes for students. For students commuting to college, you want to have a reliable ride that can help you get to your classes everyday. This is why it’s important to take a little extra time while shopping for used cars. Purchasing a used car can not only help you save money, but it can come packaged with plenty of extra features to help you college experience a big success. Read More»

Four Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car From An Unknown Private Seller

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If you need a vehicle, you may decide to try to buy one from a private seller instead of a reputable dealer. However, if you are checking out a car from someone you do not know, you want to use caution. Before buying a used car from an unknown private seller, check the following four things to see if there are any potential problems with the vehicle.  Check For Dried Mud In The Engine Read More»

5 Ways to Mentally Prepare to Trade in Your Vehicle at a Car Dealership

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Often, when people go to a car dealership to look at potential vehicles, trading in their current vehicle is an afterthought. This lack of preparation can cause you to be unhappily surprised at what you are offered for your trade-in vehicle and can make you walk away from a reasonable deal for your car. If you currently own a vehicle, you should mentally prepare for the process of trading it at a dealership before you even consider looking at new vehicles to purchase. Read More»

Three Accessories You Shouldn't Overlook For Your First Truck

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With light truck purchases on the rise from 2009 through 2014, it’s no surprise that people are looking for accessories to go with those pickup trucks. When you buy your first pickup truck, the options for customization can be dizzying. Before you spend money on aftermarket parts and accessories that aren’t going to do anything more than look pretty, you should take some time to prioritize your purchases. In fact, here are a few accessories that can prove to be worthwhile investments for new truck owners. Read More»

Should You Lease Or Purchase A Vehicle For Your New Teen Driver?

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If your teenager has already enrolled in a driver’s education course in anticipation of getting his or her own license, you may be bracing yourself for the bevy of expenses that will soon be coming down the pike. Unless you’re planning to let your teen borrow your family’s current vehicle whenever he or she wants to drive, you’ll likely need to go car shopping. And even once you’ve decided on a suitable car in your price range, you’ll need to take into account the taxes, insurance, and other potential expenses that will need to be paid once ownership is transferred. Read More»

3 Strategies For Negotiating For Your New Car

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There are some great things about the experience of buying a new car, or a new used car. If you’re trading in a car that’s on its last legs, it can be a fun feeling to drive out of the dealership in a new, smooth ride. But the not-so-fun part of the whole experience is settling on a price that fair to you and the dealer. There are few sales experiences that are higher pressure than the sales experience you’ll have at a car dealership. Read More»

Make Sure You Are Insured When Test-Driving A Used Car In A Private-Party Sale

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When purchasing a used car in a private-party sale, it is especially important to take the vehicle for a test drive. This is the best way to see how the car handles and whether it runs smoothly. During a test drive, however, you don’t want to leave yourself uninsured. Few drivers stop to consider whether they are insured when test-driving a used car, but everyone should take the time to make sure they will be protected while behind the wheel. Read More»