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Two Good First Vehicles For Teen Drivers

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When your teen first begins driving, keeping them safe on the road is paramount. In addition to ensuring they remember the rules of the road, parents have to neutralize some of the distractions inside the vehicle that could cause teens to get into accidents, such as cell phones and loud music. Here are two vehicles with some useful features that can help keep your teen safe while driving.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Ford Fusion Hybrid has earned a lot of press for its high gas mileage, capable of getting up to 42 miles per gallon depending on the model. However, this compact vehicle has a handy teen driver system called MyKey that lets parents implement a number of safety protocols to reduce distractions and reduce the risk of crashes and associated injuries.

For example, the MyKey system can be set to prevent the radio from being turned on until the people in the front seat have buckled their seatbelts. Parents can also use the system to limit how fast the car can go. Combined with the Fusion's built-in blind spot monitoring system, lane departure warning, and automatic braking feature, this car can significantly reduce a new driver's accident risk.

The biggest drawback to this vehicle, however, is that it costs more than similar vehicles in its class. It costs around $26,060 at the low end and up to $37,000 for the higher end model. You'll recoup some of that money with reduced gas usage, though, and these cars tend to be durable enough that your teen will likely get a lot of years and miles out of it.

Ford Ranger

A truck may seem like an unusual choice for a teen driver, but there are a couple of benefits to going this route. The Ford Ranger Regular Cab can only seat two to three people (though the extended cab can seat up to five), which reduces the number of people in the vehicle that could potentially distract your teen. If you live in an area that get snow and ice, a truck can be immeasurable useful for helping your teen drive safely in that type of weather.

The Ford Ranger also has modern safety features like the blind spot monitor, lane departure warning, integrated air bags, traction control, and auto-leveling headlights. Additionally, it's cheaper than a Fusion Hybrid, with people paying an average of $12,246 to $18,435 for this vehicle depending on the model.

For more details on these vehicles or help picking one out for your teen, visit a Ford dealer such as Saginaw Valley Ford Lincoln.