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3 Things To Always Check When Buying Your First Used Car

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When you purchase your first used car, there are a few things that you should always check. You should always look into the market value of the car, you should always have a mechanic run an inspection on the vehicle to fully understand the condition of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing, and you should always check out the cost of carrying both collision and liability insurance for the vehicle before you go through with the purchase.

#1 Research The Market Value Of The Car

There are plenty of websites that will tell you the market value of the car you are interested in purchasing. Make a list of all the features the vehicle has, such as power windows, anti-lock brakes, and a sunroof. When prompted, check off all the features the vehicle has. The site should provide you with the value if you are buying private party versus a dealership.

You can also find the market value of the car by researching what people are paying for the vehicle in your area. Get on craigslist or a similar site to find out what the vehicle is selling for.

#2 Get The Vehicle Inspected By A Mechanic

Second, you need to get the vehicle inspected by a mechanic. Many auto repair shops offer like 40 or 50 points checks. The amount of things they check can vary from one auto shop to the other. These checks usually cost about as much as it does for an hour of a mechanic's labor. You can usually get one done for around or under a hundred dollars.

This check will let you know everything that would have to be fixed on the car to make it like new. That doesn't mean that you necessarily would need to make all of these updates to the car, but getting a used vehicle inspected by a mechanic lets you know if the information and condition of the car is accurate with what the dealership or independent seller is telling you. An inspection can also give you a good idea of the future repairs and investments you are going to need to put into the vehicle should you purchase it.

#3 Call Up Your Insurance Company For A Quote

Finally, you need to call up your insurance company for a quote. You can call the insurance company providing you with renter's insurance or homeowner's insurance; it is often easier to work with an insurance agency that you have a relationship with when you need an insurance estimate because they already have personal information on you.

If you don't have a relationship with an insurance company yet, find one or two insurance companies that you are potentially interested in working with, call them up, and find out what it would to put both collision and collateral insurance on your vehicle. If you are using a bank loan to purchase the vehicle, it will need to be fully insured.

Before you purchase your first used car, make sure you know the market value of the car so you don't overpay for it. Get the vehicle inspected by a mechanic so you are fully aware of what you will have to put into the car now and in the future. Always find out what your monthly insurance payment will be, and make sure you can afford your monthly car payment and insurance payment. 

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