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Car Features You Don't Really Need

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If you are researching a new or used car to purchase, then you are probably comparing features of different cars. Well, you shouldn't let your final decision be based on unnecessary features that you may not even need in the first place. Here are some of the car features you don't really need.

DVD Players

Many cars still have DVD or CD players, but few people actually use them. Indeed, even outside the car ecosystem, few people buy or make CDs or DVDs.  This is because there are many other more convenient and durable ways of storing and playing audio and video files. You can stream your music via Bluetooth or other wireless formats or even play them via memory cards or flash drives.  It is not wrong to have a CD or DVD player – as long as you will be using it.

Built-In Navigation

Built-in navigation is another feature you may not need, especially if it comes as an option. This is not because you don't need navigation – you definitely need one. It is just that there are better and cheaper alternatives for the same. For example, you can use phone-based navigations that have better inputs than integrated navigation systems. In fact, some phones even have apps that allow you to cast their maps onto the car's screen.


In a 4-wheel drive car, all the wheels are powered and can be independently rotated. Engaging the 4-WD increases tire traction and makes it easy to drive on dangerous surfaces such as muddy roads, potholed roads, and other scenarios where navigation is difficult. This means you don't need the feature if your normal driving conditions are good roads that rarely get muddy. If it's snow you are worried about, then you should get snow tires and you will be safe on the road.

Social Media Apps

This is the age of applications (apps) and everyone and their grandmother is building apps. There are even apps for cars that stream music, enhance controls, or connect to social media. These apps don't help much because they become obsolete fast. Not only that, but some of them (mainly social media apps) are distracting. Therefore, if you have an option of paying more for built-in apps, it may be best for you to pass on the offer.

The above are just suggestions; of course, you are free to dwell on any features you want. After all, everyone has a different taste and you are the one who will be driving the car and paying for it.