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4 New Features That Help Improve Your Driving

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When looking for a new car or SUV, you want to make sure that the features that you get with the vehicle actually improve your driving or have a positive impact on your life. There are numerous new features you can find on vehicles today that are designed to provide you with a smoother ride.

#1 Control Traction and Stability Control

Having traction and stability control on your vehicle can be great most of the time. However, there are situations where you are going to want to be able to turn off traction and stability control. Newer vehicles allow the driver control over when they have extra traction and stability. This gives you control of your vehicle back.

#2 Automatic Headlights

Having your headlights on helps other drivers see you regardless of if you are driving during the night or the day. Automatic headlamps are designed to turn on as soon as they sense that it is getting dark. They can also be set-up to turn on your bright when there are no other cars around, and turn your bright lights off when you are around other drivers. This can be a nice feature and take away the need to always manual turn your lights on and off at night when your focus should be on the road.

#3 Paddle Shifters

Next, look for a vehicle that has paddle shifters. Paddle shifters are the modern compromise between automatic and manual transmissions. Paddle shifters allow you to have greater control over what gear you are in without going back to the old school stick shift and clutch. You can choose when you upshift or downshift when needed, or allow your vehicle to control your transmission when you don't want to deal with the transmission. This is often described as a semi-automatic transmission, and provides you with greater control over how your vehicle shifts and handles.

#4 Turbocharge Engine

If you want a vehicle that is going to be able to get up to top speeds fast, or allow you to quickly get away from a dangerous situation, look for a vehicle with turbocharged engines. A vehicle with turbocharge engines means that you will have more power under the hood. You will be able to reach top speeds quickly or speed up quickly when needed. You'll also have the power to easily get up hills and other challenging landscapes when you have a turbocharged engine under the hood.

When you look at a new Honda for sale, don't just get caught up in tech features like a navigation system. Look at how the features of the car will impact your driving experience and make sure that the tech features assist you while still allowing you to make important decisions, such as when to shift your vehicle or when to use traction control, up to you.