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Features To Look For In An ATV Trailer

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If you have recently purchased an ATV and want to take it with you on trips, then you will also need an ATV trailer. These trailers come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and they have some features that can really add to your overall enjoyment of your ATV. Keep reading to learn about a few features you should be looking for.

Side Ramps

The vast majority of ATV trailers come with ramps so that you can easily drive your four-wheeler onto the trailer. However, unlike a larger type of all-terrain vehicle, the smaller ATVs are best placed on the trailer sideways. Since most trailers are longer than they are wide, this allows for two, three, or four of the vehicles to be secured on a single trailer at one time. To assist with this, make sure that you are looking at trailers with side ramps.

Trailers may come equipped with either one or two side ramps and this does allow for the positioning of as many as four four-wheelers. One ramp allows you to drive the ATVs onto the front of the trailer while the other allows for rear positioning.

Along with the ramps, make sure that there are guards on all four sides of the trailer to prevent the ATVs from slipping off. Also, the ramps should lock in place. 

Aluminum Construction

If you have a heavy-duty truck that is made to haul big and large loads, then you have substantial power to pull larger trailers. However, if you have a typical truck that is not made for work purposes, then your trailer cannot be nearly as heavy. This is also true if you have a car or an SUV. In these situations, you will need a trailer that is as light as possible. Aluminum is your best option.

Aluminum has some other benefits along with a reduced weight. The metal will not rust or corrode, so the trailer can withstand the elements a bit better. The aluminum will also often retain the same or similar amount of strength and ability to hold weight as a steel one would.

Aluminum requires little maintenance as well. Keep in mind that you should look for dents and other damage in the metal and you also will need to lubricate hinges, especially on the ramps and other moveable parts.

If you want to know more about ATV trailers and the best options available to you, or are interested in h and h trailers for sale, speak with a trailer retailer today.