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5 Car Buying Tips To Outsmart The Auto Dealership

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Investing in a car is a huge decision. The numerous options available and deciding between your immediate needs and wants make the experience pretty intimidating. As with any big-ticket purchase, you can skip fake deals and financial hassles by equipping yourself with the right information. Various factors apply for either used or new car purchases, but these five tips will help you outsmart the salesperson and save more money at the car dealership.

Forget Payments, Consider Price

Car dealerships might coerce you towards a monthly car payment rather than the vehicle's price. When you choose to opt for this, nothing in the transaction is as transparent as you would wish. A more extended loan period for an expensive car offers lower monthly payments. However, this means that you'll still be making payments for a no longer new vehicle. It makes sense to purchase what you can afford in 48-60 monthly installments. In a nutshell, pay off your new car while it's still in pristine condition.

Take Charge of Your Auto Loan

For most auto dealers, the vehicle sale is just a clever financing strategy. And even with the current lower interest rates, dealers usually reap big on interest alone, which is a disincentive to offering you a genuinely competitive rate. Getting pre-approved for a car loan before stepping at the dealership gate allows you to understand how much you can afford.

Watch Out for Overly Advertised Auto Deals

You've certainly come across attractive car deals advertised online or in your local publications. Mostly, some car dealerships do this with little or no intention of retaining that specific deal in stock. Therefore, avoid falling for a vehicle you can't afford. Instead, perform comprehensive research on your preferred car and determine its standard market price. There are numerous resources online you can find crucial information to help you become a savvy buyer for a credible transaction at the auto dealership.

Avoid Feeling Pressured 

Buying a car or truck is a huge investment that you'll possess for a long time. With the long-term commitment to your purchase, there is no reason to rush into buying. You should only make a move to indulge an auto dealership when you're ready.

Keep Clear of Add-Ons

Finally, add-ons are pretty lucrative, and if they weren't, the car dealerships wouldn't modify new cars to incorporate them. Additionally, there's always a particular product or warranty your dealer looks forward to selling you. Such things only add up fast and end up not worth your money. However, if you are planning to retain your car beyond the factory warranty, it'll be prudent to get an extended warranty at an affordable price. 

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