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4 Things To Check When Buying A Used Commercial Truck

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Expanding your commercial fleet by purchasing used trucks can be great if you have a tight budget. Although used commercial trucks require a significantly lower investment than new ones, there are some things you'll need to know before making the investment. You'll need to check the following crucial things before buying pre-owned trucks. 

1. Maintenance History

Contrary to common belief, not all used trucks are money pits. Some owners follow the standard repair and maintenance procedures. A truck's components could be in excellent condition despite being on the road for years. When verifying the condition of a pre-owned commercial truck, consider checking the maintenance records.

You should always buy from a reputable, transparent, and honest dealer. Check the vehicle's papers to see the frequency of oil changes, fluid replacements, and other relevant repairs. Regular maintenance records indicate that the truck has been well taken care of and unlikely to develop significant mechanical issues.

2. Inquire About Why the Truck Is on the Market

There are many reasons a truck owner might choose to sell their vehicle. Before investing in further inspections and research, consider asking why the truck is on the market. If the owner says they are looking to upgrade and you need the truck for a similar job, you might also need to upgrade soon. However, their word isn't enough to stop you from inspecting the vehicle further. Inquire about accident history and other issues that could affect the overall truck performance. The answers provided might help you gauge the owner's transparency. They should also provide a warranty to cater for major repairs that may arise soon after purchase.

3. Check for Physical Defects

Buying used trucks doesn't mean putting your money on worn-out vehicles. Generally, the truck owner will likely change worn-out tires, repair dents, repaint the body, and add accessories. Therefore, check the truck for physical damages like rust. Confirm if the vehicle has genuine mileage and chassis numbers.  

Damages significantly devalue a vehicle. You can call an appraiser or mechanic to help estimate the truck's value before purchasing. You can use the amount saved to make certain repairs to enhance performance and reliability. But if you find severe damage, it's best to find a better option.

4. Take a Test Drive

If the truck ticks all the boxes to this point, consider requesting a test drive to feel what it's like to drive the vehicle. Bring your mechanic because they have the experience and knowledge to listen to unusual noises and vibrations and inspect the mechanical issues behind them. Once satisfied, make arrangements to purchase the used truck, buy insurance, and add the truck to your fleet.

Do you want to invest in used commercial trucks? Consider the simple tips above to make an informed decision and avoid trouble. You will save money, find an ideal truck, and avoid making mistakes.

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