Getting A Great Deal On A New Car

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3 Tips For Staying Under Budget On A Used Car Purchase

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Buying any car is a significant decision, whether you’re financing a brand new luxury car or buying a daily driver for a few thousand dollars. The used car market might seem particularly challenging, however. You’ll have nearly endless options at any price point, making it hard to decide on how much car you need and how far you should stretch your budget. If you’re worried about the long-term impact of your purchase on your finances, the best thing you can do is create a budget before you buy and do your best to stick to it. Read More»

5 Car Buying Tips To Outsmart The Auto Dealership

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Investing in a car is a huge decision. The numerous options available and deciding between your immediate needs and wants make the experience pretty intimidating. As with any big-ticket purchase, you can skip fake deals and financial hassles by equipping yourself with the right information. Various factors apply for either used or new car purchases, but these five tips will help you outsmart the salesperson and save more money at the car dealership. Read More»

5 Fantastic Custom Semi-Trailer Features

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When you’re on the road most of the year as a commercial OTR truck driver, your truck is your home away from home. It needs to be capable but also comfortable and compact to do the job efficiently and to make sure you–the driver–can stay happy on the job. If you’re thinking of ordering a custom semi-truck or customizing your existing rig, here are five great options you should consider.   Read More»

3 Reasons To Take Your Car To The Auto Dealer You Bought It From For Repairs

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When you have a car that is out of commission, you need to get the vehicle to a specialist right away. You can take your vehicle to any mechanic you wish, but if you can, it’s often best to take your car to the auto dealer you bought it from for repairs. Here are three reasons why. Your mechanic has a personal interest in your vehicle If you want the best customer service and that personal interest in the well-being of your vehicle, your auto dealer is the place to stop. Read More»